Introducing APOGEE by GYM RAX®. Apogee represents the fitness industry’s apex in Smart Rigging™ solution. Today’s Functional Training spaces largely dedicated to movement based modalities require a next generation refinement in framing appeal and design. APOGEE is built upon the GYM RAX commitment to unapparelled quality and function in modular rigging. Each frame and storage integration is crafted to provide maximum value in finish, functionality, and longevity.

Made in the USA

Freedom® Mount Technology

Our proprietary articulating shackle system provides a safe & non-binding anchor for the suspension of all types of equipment including Punching Bags, Straps, Rope Training, and Aerial Hammocks.

Smart Storage

Each Gym Rax® storage bay is optimized to achieve the greatest versatility in adjustability and equipment accommodation within a minimum footprint.

Universal Ball Rax

Exceptionally versatile storage for ball training in all forms including Stability, Wall, Slam, and Medicine.

Peg Rax

Heavy-duty neoprene rubber coated pegs crafted to hang ropes, mats, plates, bands, battle bags & more.

Trough Rax

A shallow basin crafted and air-vented to support a multitude of lighter weight training tools from foam rollers to yoga blocks.

Free-Weight Rax

An ultra-strong flat shelf with protective matting engineered to support all your free-weight essentials from DB’s to Kettlebells.

Rax Bins

A deeper basin powered by a slide rail system gaining access to a variety of small and odd form training tools such as lacrosse balls and boxing gear.

Boot System

Designed to provide a protective base shrouding eliminating the dangers and unsightliness of exposed anchor bolts.

Automotive Paint Process

Durability and performance is essential in functional rigging. Our signature paint coatings are engineered to provide multiple layers of protection and abrasion resistance.

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