Gym Rax  begins with a single bay and end wherever you need them to. Ideal for group studios, functional training areas, flexibility zones, or anywhere you require premium modular fitness equipment storage.

Only Gym Rax adjustable storage technology allows for the inter-changeability of shelving within every Bay- no tools required! Configure systems any way you like and change over time in alignment with your programing requirements.

Our patented Freedom® Mount anchoring system safely suspends all of today’s dynamic exercise tools on your bridge or bay configurations.

The articulating shackle system creates a non-binding and quick interchangeable connection for equipment of all types including suspension straps, punching bags, aerial hammocks and rope trainers.


GYM RAX has developed the worlds smallest free standing rigging footprint for functional training – the Free Anchor.

Designed to alleviate permanent fastening challenges and constraints, Free Anchor eliminates the costly scanning and installation requirement of concreate bolting and preserves the future portability of your Gym Rax rigging.