GYM RAX® is designed by and for those that operate fitness facilities. Today’s exercise environments come in all sizes and styles but share a common goal – maximize space efficiently and exercise functionality. Equipment organization, safety, and traffic flow are important. GYM RAX® systems preserve space while activating others.

Customized storage solutions for today’s hottest equipment including Bosu®, Vipr™, AntiGravity® Fitness, BodyBar®, and Dynamax® to name just a few.


Whether hanging punching bags or your member’s themselves upside-down, everything seems to be suspended these days. First & foremost, safety is paramount. Common building architecture is not designed with human rigging in mind. GYM RAX structures provide modular solutions for programing of all areas and facility types.

Our proprietary Freedom Mount™ technology creates a new experience in fluidity, safety, and adjustability for today’s most popular suspension training equipment.